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Our Dining Room and Bar | The Original Margaritaville

Our Dining Room and Bar

Sandusky and surrounding areas was known as an agricultural hub during the 1800's and the results of those agricultural efforts often required grist mills. Our dining room is an original grain storage facility that was attached to an 1831 grist mill. Original stonework over 180 years old can still be seen throughout the dining room. Grist mills required large amounts of running water to turn the large stones and no better location in the area could be found other than this one. Largely visible from every seat ,some 72 million gallons of water fall over our falls every day at a constant year round temperature of 48 to 52 degrees. Never freezing, it was an ideal water source for the activities at hand. Here, farmers brought their grains to be processed for resale and, in the process, socialized with their counterparts. The social traditions of our building continue today as Margaritaville has established it's presence as a social gathering spot in this old mill since 1981. Our water fall is now the focal point of both our dining room and our 10,000 square foot deck.